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Even though candidates work with us free of charge, we can be a very valuable resource, providing great benefits. When you work with us, the benefits you get may include but are not limited to:

Job search strategy consultation
First we get to know you, your skills, and interests. What sets us apart from the many others trying to recruit you and close you on whatever job they happen to be trying to fill is that we have more of a passive and long term focus. This means that we take the time to gain a much deeper understanding of what you want. Working with you as partners in your career advancement, we believe that your next career move should only be made if it advances both your short- and long-term goals. We’d like to accelerate your advancement to get you there quicker!

Career advisement
No one has a crystal ball, but with our birds-eye view of the market and experience helping many people, we can share valuable perspectives on a variety of matters of interest to you. Whether you’d like to know what job market conditions look like, what companies are hot, what skills are in demand, or how best to reach your goals, we are happy to share our knowledge and advice. In the event we can’t help you, we may advise you to stay where you are, or pursue alternative paths to achieve your goals that do not involve us. If we believe we can help, then we will formulate an action plan with you.

Resume tips
Your resume is often your ticket to getting each interview. We view hundreds of resumes each day, and know how employers judge them. Due to the volume of resumes employers are receiving, making your resume stand above the rest will be vital. So we may advise you with tips that will help you enhance your resume, conveying your qualifications in a way that will garner the most interest from employers.

Pre-screening of companies and jobs
There are hundreds of jobs out there. Utilizing our understanding of both your criteria and our knowledge of the companies and jobs they are filling, we narrow them down to the ones which will best match your criteria as well as theirs. This saves us all time, increases your job search efficiency, and maximizes the likelihood of winding up with a great match.

Advocacy and negotiation
We utilize our ongoing relationships with hiring authorities to ensure your application gets properly reviewed, and do our best to get past any roadblocks to interviews. With any offers you get, we can help negotiate to ensure your offer is strong.

Helping you make great decisions
Whenever you reach that important time to decide on taking an offer or not, we can help you in gathering, understanding, and evaluating the information needed to make a great decision that will advance both your short- and long-term goals. Whether you decide to take the first offer you get, get a bunch of offers before taking one, or turn them all down to stay where you are, ultimately our goal is for you to decide on the best job and company for you!

Whatever happens…
We can never guarantee results of any kind, especially on whether you’ll like the opportunities we represent, and whether those companies will like you. Some candidates we’ll place in their dream jobs; others will make a move for moderate improvement; others won’t be placed by us at all. In many cases the benefits of working with us can be instrumental to a candidate’s short- and long-term success; in other cases the extent of our contribution may just be a quick but helpful tip or word of encouragement. Whatever happens, it is our goal to be a positive force for the career advancement of all the candidates we work with, and to make the experience as fun and fruitful as possible.

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