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We recruit for our clients on a contingency basis; we only charge fees upon each successful placement. We are selective in which companies we recruit for and only aim to work with the best. If we work with your company, our services include but are not limited to:

Recruiting Strategy Consultation
We spend quality time getting to know you and your company, your recruiting strategy, and the jobs you are recruiting for. We then customize our recruiting approach to get best results for you and your company.

Pre-screening of candidates
There are hundreds of candidates out there who fit your job on paper. We go beyond your job description and beyond their resume to strive for a great match. Before you talk to candidates, we pre-screen them in order to increase the chance they will be a fit. We also inform and educate them on your company so that you can save time and have them more ready once you interview them.

Introduction to great candidates
Many of the candidates we work with are passive job seekers who are not posting their resumes online or applying to many job postings. It is our intention and expectation that most of the candidates we introduce you to are high caliber candidates you would otherwise not get to interview.

Scheduling of interviews
We can help coordinate and set up each successive interview. It’s not only helpful in terms of scheduling, but in dealing with and overcoming any of the many potential hurdles that may stall or end the process. We work to get candidates through the process as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Advocacy throughout the interview and negotiation process
Beyond sending resumes and setting up interviews, we add value by working as your company’s advocate and guide throughout the interview process.

Offer delivery and acceptance
In this competitive landscape, chances are you’ll have competition from several to many other companies for the candidates you want. Using proven strategies, we work with you in doing our best to compose and deliver an offer that will get the desired outcome – a happy acceptance!

Following through
Even after the offer is accepted, we are here to help ensure everything goes smoothly and the placement will be long lasting and fruitful for all parties!

Let’s get to work! Contact us right away!