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Why Employers Work With Us
Companies we work with consistently pull ahead of the competition. Even in the face of challenges such as aggressive competitors, a difficult economy, and industry volatility, companies we work with are much more likely than others to reach their goals, whether they be increasing shareholder value, market share, going public, or getting acquired.

If any of these apply to you, or if you can think of another reason, we should talk:

  • You want the best talent to fill your positions, and want it done quickly.
  • You’d like to save your company time and money.
  • You’d like your company to make more money and grow more rapidly.
  • You’d like to grow your team so you can advance within your company.
  • You’ve been unhappy with most recruiting firms and don’t typically use them.
  • You’re already working with recruiting firms and still have openings to fill.
  • You want more passive and exclusive candidates, less overly active candidates.
  • You want to increase your offer acceptance rate.
  • You want a recruiter who will work tirelessly, who you can call at any time, who will work hard for you while other recruiters clock out.
  • You want the advantages of 3rd party representation, mediation, and negotiation.
  • You’d like more time to focus on what you do best at your company, while having a team of expert recruiters working relentlessly for you.
  • You’d like to turn recruiting from time-consuming and frustrating to streamlined and fun.
  • You want to get access to more candidates than you’d otherwise get.
  • You’d like to discretely recruit candidates from competitors, or any other target companies.
  • You want to fill a position confidentially without advertising what you’re looking for, so competitors won’t know your plans.

What can Skyrocket Ventures do for your company? Contact us right away!