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Here are some testimonials from a few of the many employers we’ve worked with. They have been edited for brevity and names have been made anonymous.

“They helped us find some of our top technical talent. It has always been rewarding and a pleasure to work with them.”

“They have done a great job recruiting for several of my portfolio companies. They’re quick, well networked, and get the job done. I recommend them for any fast growing internet/tech company.”

“We took on Skyrocket for a recruiting project related to a VP, Marketing. We were looking for a very senior individual with substantial experience. Their team did an incredible job combing the possible target companies and lining up an extraordinarily strong pipeline. I finally found my ideal candidate from this group, and completed the hire. Skyrocket did a great job for me.”

“I’ve worked with them to hire product managers as well as engineering resources. They are very detail oriented, articulate and consistently provided us with high caliber candidates. Their approach to recruiting is one of the best that I have ever seen. They took time to match the right candidates with our specific needs. They made hiring easier with their hard work and effort.”

“They helped us hire a critical position we had been unable to fill after more than a half a year of searching.”

“They are awesome and I had the pleasure of using their services as a new agency supporting our recruitment efforts. They were the most successful vendor for me and I hope to keep this relationship for many, many years. They are persistent and do not get discouraged by initial setbacks of losing a candidate or an offer. They had lost their first three offers that I made to his candidates and despite that they ended up being the most successful vendor for me and closed their next three offers. They are easy to talk to and fun to chat with on personal level. They will be the first people that I will trust with any future assignment.”

“We’ve worked with many recruiters and they have been the best by far. We always get really qualified candidates from them and most of our recruiter driven hires have come from them even though we work with over 10 recruiters. I would recommend them to anyone looking for good development talent.”

“They have been a fantastic partner over the past two years. Their firm has been the only agency to repeatedly place and source all-star engineers with us. Their success comes from a rare combination of recruitment savvy and interpersonal skills, in other words, they listen, learn and execute better than any other agency I’ve worked with. I’m looking forward to working with Skyrocket as we continue to build our company.”

“The team at Skyrocket has been instrumental in helping us build a first class engineering team. They provide consistently high quality, targeted candidates.”

“They are responsible for a number of great technical hires for us. They’re direct and effective, which is refreshing. I recommend them.”

“They helped us find a Chief Technology Officer after looking for 9 months. We had interviewed more than 20 candidates but did not feel that they met our requirements. As it began to seem like we could not find the right person, they found the perfect match for our role. They moved fast at our request and provided just enough direction to the process for everything to go smoothly. I highly recommend working with them.”